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So yeah, I decided to do one of these too. This would be a good way to show how I ended up here.

OMFA - Page 31 by Skailla

So here we have possibly the first influence to me joining the site. After randomly discovering this site, I ended up finding this strip. I initially didn't join, since I didn't think I had anything to offer to this site, but eventually decided to sign up to follow this comic more closely. Over time, I ended up branching out in various ways, either from seeing something on the front page or through random encounters. I ended up having some good talks with a few random people, who I then followed.
Reach for the Light Sketch by D-Rock92 
Now, while I said I didn't think I had anything to offer, that doesn't mean I hadn't already drawn stuff. In junior high and high school, I would often doodle in a spare notebook. While not too big in the end, I had a lot of sketches and drawings. After FINALLY getting access to a scanner, I decided to redraw one of my favorite swords, seen here. Yes, this is in reality, a redraw. Most of my early things are like that, as I decided that the original drawings would come out too small. While I still have less than 200 deviations uploaded, I ended up surprising myself with how many of my drawings are here, a few even being used for a fan-game by CHAOKOCartoons.

I Can't Paint by aartishinde 
Another random image I found, rather recently, that I felt captured how I'm sure many of us feel at times. So much creativity and ideas flowing all around us, but sometimes we have difficulty getting these on some physical form exactly as we picture it. Oddly, a few of my simpler designs (let's face it, most of them are simple already) I had difficulty getting out, and not all of them worked out. Still, that doesn't mean to stop trying.
Yes. Me too by Culpeo-Fox 
Okay, this is a different one than the previous ones, but hear me out. For some time, I had been seeing a TON of things like this, not understanding where all the hype was coming from, or even what the heck it was, so I eventually decided to ask after seeing this. Then I heard it was an MLP reboot show. My first thought was, "Reboot? You mean there were more than just dolls?" Yeah, I only knew of them as toys from the 90's and never would have guessed it had a tv show. A couple years later, I thought, "Screw it, I'm checking out the hype!" Curiosity can be forceful like that. And here's where I ended up surprising myself; I found myself liking it. Granted, there's a huge gap between when I saw this and when I finally saw the show, but sometimes that happens. Minding your own business, and BOOM, you feel like checking it out. It's something I don't regret, even when a crazy fan shows up, but let's face it, those people exist in every fandom.
Stand Up - Stand Alone Stamp by Mirz123 
Yet another random find. I'm positive I'm not alone in how groups can pressure people. I've been pressured by many different groups for most of my life, and it was always hard to say no to them. A few of them wanted me to do things that went against the morality I held, but I did my best to stand firm, as I read in the Bible that no matter what, there will always be those that oppose us, and in many different ways. In the end, follow what's right, and you'll be fine, even if you get made fun of. Thankfully, I've gotten more confident in my stands since then. I hope that shows growth.
Big sister, Little sister by TornTethers
This is the first thing I've ever added to my favorites category. I felt a sense of love emanating from this. While I don't have a younger sibling (I'm the younger of two, myself) it's great when an emotion is still conveyed. That, plus I like wolves. :)

So yeah, this is basically a very brief showing of my time here. I never realized how much I had gained until looking back now. To all mentioned artists, thank you for showing me these, and thank you, deviantART, for allowing us to join here.



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